A Blank Slate

There’s nothing scarier than a blank page for a writer. Am I right?

I used to think so then I discovered the possibilities of that page are endless! Yes, sometimes the first few sentences are nonsense, the exercise of writing seems drawn out and futile but then a couple of words strung together begin to form an idea then it grows and takes a life of its own and soon a plot develops, then characters begin to interact and soon you are on chapter 4.

Now I’d like to say that how it works for me. People ask me all the time what is my ‘process’. Most times it’s ideas or characters rattling around in my head for weeks or months even. Then one day, a sequence in a story happens, and I watch the mini movie unfold in my brain and sometimes I interact, sometimes I just let it play out. Those blank pages in my notebooks, I usually have a few littered in every space I inhabit for just such an occasion, become scribbled messes as I try to capture what is happening in my mind. Then sated, I sit back and digest what just happened.

The blank pages in front of me are full of endless possibilities that I have not yet uncovered. It’s my lifelong journey to discover what is hidden.

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