Under Renovation- Pt 1

The mess in the picture started with removing a dishwasher which led to discovering a leaky connection, throw in a little brute force fueled by exasperation and the late hour, and there you have it a– a broken sink, literally. The whole thing broke into three pieces. Didn’t even know that could happen. And that’s how our kitchen gut job began. 

At first we decided to do just the island that contained the sink and a little counter space and leave the main work, all the surrounding cupboards and counters, for the summer. But, in all honesty, we had lived through a building project the previous summer and missed an entire season of deck entertaining and enjoying our back yard. I did not want a repeat this year. So… my awesome husband agreed that we might as well do it; rip the band-aid off a situation we knew we were in for anyway.

Our home was built in 1869 and opening these walls are ever a surprise. Nothing is straight, nothing is square, nothing is 16″ center. The pluses? The lime stone exterior is 2 feet thick making it nearly sound proof, whole trees hold up each story, not to mention the deep window wells are perfect for sitting on or displaying Christmas decorations.

Tearing back the lats and plaster revealed solid stone walls, their over one hundred year old mortar still intact. It made me think about the legacy those first builders laid down when  they decided to build the house on this plot of land. They are unknown but their dedication to their craft lasted for generations and generations.

   (Left) 2 massive support beams resting on stone 12 inches thick

(Above) trees shaved to lie flat as floor joists for second story, 6 inches thick, 8 inches wide

Teaching Sunday school for more than 20 years, I sometimes wonder if the legacy I leave behind will impact future generations. I’ve been at it long enough to see kids I taught as 2 year olds move up through the grades, go on to become baptized, leave to pursue a career and then return with spouse and baby in tow. I am not saying it was all because of me, because it wasn’t, but I believe each of us in ministry has a responsibility to teach the Truth as it is written in the Bible, model our life according to those teachings and shower grace on everyone, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to their heart and draw them close to God.

As our renovation continues, new insights about my own foundation are being revealed.

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