From a hardworking Mennonite background, Mary has worn many hats. One time interior decorator, Administrative Assistant, funeral parlour worker, caterer, and lastly, Tea Room and Fine Tea purveyor, she finds the people she has met through these venues fueled her imagination, some becoming characters in her books. Writing from a Christian world view, she connects with her readers who search for stories featuring real-to-life characters and struggles. Being  shortlisted for a National Christian Canadian Writer’s award, she has turned her attention to writing full-time.Her husband, also her biggest supporter, built a carriage house which turned out to be the perfect haven to continue this next chapter (wink, wink) in her life.
Her first full-length novel, Julianna, came out in 2014 and has an audience that spans Canada as well as an international and UK following. The heroine, a young woman of social conviction, is set to marry a man she thinks shares her ideals but as the marriage crests over the honeymoon phase, their motives clash and the story really begins! Set in the mid-Victorian era, the scenes are full of texture and social bias creating a perfect backdrop for tension.
Pirate’s Treasure, a finalist for Wisconsin’s Romance Writers Write Touch award, is the quintessential action-packed tale set upon one of the last true pirate ships. Captain Nathan Marlow, whom we meet in Julianna, finds a stow-away, Casey, aboard his ship at the most dangerous time possible- during an attack. But he can’t return her back home. Nor does he want to. But she wants no part in being courted by a pirate… or does she?